Pflug Packaging and Fulfillment

By Order of Warehouse Lien Holder
Large Scale Microwave Cookware Distributor
Over 5,000,000 Units 

Cooker collage

Tuesday, January 10, 2017 at 11:00 am PT
Location: 17500 Shideler Parkway, Lathrop, CA 95330. Call In Participation Available to Qualified Bidders. Call Alma Ocampo 818-972-5397, to Qualify.
Preview:  By Appointment Only.  Call Rick Allen 818-652-8053 to Schedule.
Terms: A $10,000 Refundable Deposit Required to Bid. A 25% Non-Refundable Deposit Required Upon Award of Bid.  Forms of Payment: Cashier’s Check or Wire Transfer. A 15% Buyer’s Premium Will Apply. Payment in full is due within 24 hours.
For More Information: Call Alma Ocampo 818-972-5397.

The Inventory Will be Sold in 2 Bulk Lots.  Lots will be Sold Subject to Confirmation and Reserves.
Lot 1: Finished Goods 17,836 Cases/136,312 Units: Cookers in various forms of packaging.  Finished Goods Inventory Listing  Finished Goods Inventory has picture #’s (FG1, FG2) at the end of the each description.  This corresponds with the name of picture.

Lot 2: Raw Materials & Packaging 4,939,357 Units:  Cookers or Cooker Parts and Assorted Packaging.  Product is not in box. Raw Materials & Packaging Inventory Listing  Listing has picture #’s (R1, R2) that corresponds with the name of picture.